Folding reading glasses

Compact reading glasses. Eyestrain glasses

Follding reading glasses

Clic reading glasses new design

· Comfy magnetic clic system
· Always hanging around your neck without laces and foldable
· Anti-reflective lenses for a clearer view and sharpness
· Adjustable length comfy system to fit in any head size

Lot of different colors with 6 graduations:

+1.0 | +1.5 | +2.0 | +2.5 | +3.0 | +3.5

veeka reading glasses

Slastik presbyopia glasses, its elastic rod system makes fully collapsible. Take them and forget the posibility of lose your glasses again. These magnetic glasses feature a revolutionary system front end, which makes them very comfortable. Thanks to its frontal magnet and its elastic rod this reading glasses Slastik are foldable and can be stored anywhere, they recover their form without altering its structure. This pregraduated glasses have 5 different graduations (+1.0 to +3.0) ideal for users with eyestrain or hard to read closely. Enjoy the most modern design of their fantastic colors.

Slastik Readers, probably the best magnetic glasses of the world.