Best reading glasses for men

Fashionable reading glasses… express yourself with any color and shape


Smart reading glasses collection

· magnetic closure on the bridge. Clever clic system
· Easy on, easy off. Adjustable headband
· Anti-reflective lenses for a better view
· Adjustable temple length technology
· pocket readers which help you to see on short distance at any time

Available in many colors and 6 different graduations:
+1.0 | +1.5 | +2.0 | +2.5 | +3.0 | +3.5

Pocket reading glasses Nooz

We offer a lot of different colors. Half frames reading glasses ideal for reading, sewing or working at the computer. Glasses with frontal magnet closure that do not get lost with flexible rod that can be bent and back into shape without altering its structure, round or square glasses, designer glasses,  innovative pocket glasses very economical and transportable…

Pregraduated glasses with 5 different graduations (+1.0 to +3.0).