Slastik magnetic reading glasses

see well feel comfortable

We want to be in fashion regarding clothing, shoes and bags, why not wear design reading glasses?


Half frames glasses Slastik Leia

With flexible frame and light shapes. Its flexible rod allows it to bend and recover its original shape.

They will surprise you! Slastik Jabba

Reading glasses with front magnet and flexible rod. Available in diferent graduations


Slastik Camden, designed for eye strein

Reading glasses ideal for working in front of the screens thanks to their occupational lens. Its elastic frame will hang of you.

Discover the new models of glasses Slastik

· With elastic rod que puede doblarse y recuperar su forma
· With frontal magnet con una unión frontal muy potente
· Design glasses creativity and ingenuity united in a model of glasses

With incredible colors and 6 different graduations:

+1.0 | +1.5 | +2.0 | +2.5 | +3.0 | +3.5


Ideal for screens! Slastik Trevi

Available with neutral lenses (without graduation) and with Blue Light filter. Choose the graduation that better fits you.

Reading glasses Slastik Soho

New vintage glasses Slastik Soho

Eyestrain glasses with round shape ideal for reading, sewing or working at the computer. Its frontal magnetic closure gives them great advantages.

The finest for women, Slastik Veeka

Special Slastik glasses with Headband Fit rod that allows a better fit and comfort for users with long hair.